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a $5,000 opportunity

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I’m a big fan of the Hope Street Group, an organization of young businesspeople who are committed to expanding real economic opportunities for all. “Equality of opportunity in a high-growth economy” is their slogan; it draws nicely from the … Continue reading

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what’s wrong with the IMF and World Bank?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Why do the international lending institutions (the IMF and World Bank) draw such ire? Protestors picket at their doors, not outside Citigroup (US), Mizuho Holdings (Japan) or UBS (Switzerland), which are currently the world?s three biggest banks. Yet the … Continue reading

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young voters

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0e.thePeople : Article : Under 25 voters need a reason to believe Over at E-The People, there’s a lively discussion about why young Americans don’t vote. Many perspectives are represented, and it’s hard to generalize. However, I am uncomfortable … Continue reading

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blogs before the Internet

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I love Pepys’ Diary, a website that reproduces an entry from Samuel Pepys’ seventeenth-century journal every day, in blog format, with lots of hyperlinks so that you can learn about everything from the buildings of London to the (supposed) … Continue reading

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libertarians and socialists have something in common

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I see libertarianism and modern democratic Socialism as flawed for similar (or parallel) reasons: Libertarians believe in markets, which they consider just and free as well as efficient. They see politics as a threat, because masses of people may … Continue reading

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Protests from London to NYC

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Reading about anti-Bush protests in London reminds me that the Republican National Convention will be held next summer in New York City, where a lot of people are Democrats, against the war, and angry about federal economic policies, from … Continue reading

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using Movable Type

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0On the advice of Frederick Emrich (who runs an excellent blog), I’m switching over from plain old html to the fancy and free blog software provided by Movable (sic) Type. The disadvantage is that I’ve had to change the … Continue reading

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The GOP and voter mobilization

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Racine, WI: I’ve been told that the Republican Party has conducted more than 50 randomized experiments to test which methods and messages most efficiently persuade people to vote. My organization, CIRCLE, has also funded and collected such randomized field … Continue reading

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Fighting Bob La Follette

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Near Racine, WI: I’m at Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful Wingspread estate for a meeting of the Grant Makers’ Forum on Community and National Service. Yesterday, on my way here, I had a chance to visit the State Capitol in … Continue reading

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New Orleans and Salt Lake City

Facebook3 Twitter0Total3I’m writing this on Sunday night, flying from New Orleans to Madison, WI, on a precisely northward path across Middle America. I was in New Orleans to give a keynote luncheon address at the International Conference on Civic Education … Continue reading

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