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exemplary projects in civic renewal

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Dr. Henry Tam has just been named "Head of Civil Renewal" in the British Government’s Home Affairs Department. He emailed a list of people to ask their advice about excellent projects in the US. I gave him my quick … Continue reading

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ideology and civic ed

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The most passionately debated question in civic education is how to present the overall story of American history in schools. Is it a march toward freedom and democracy, a blood-soaked tale of oppression, or something in between? I can … Continue reading

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Moussaoui prosecution

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(On the way to Macon, GA): The government is moving to dismiss all charges against Zacarias Moussaoui, who is accused of being the 20th hijacker on 9/11—the co-conspirator who couldn’t actually fly a plane because he was already in … Continue reading

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imprisonment in the USSR and the USA

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0According to a scholarly article cited here, there were between 2 million and 2.5 million people in Soviet prisons and camps every year between 1938 and 1953. The current population in US jails plus prisons also exceeds 2 million … Continue reading

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no blogging today

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0CIRCLE has received more than 250 letters of inquiry responding to our three Requests for Proposals, which all had deadlines of last Friday. Today, reading letters, not blogging, is my clear civic duty.

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patriotism and civic

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Some people who talk or write about civic education insist that the United States has the very best democracy (or society) in the world. In my opinion, the US is one of a few dozen polities that stand head-and-shoulders … Continue reading

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Congressional Conference on Civic Education

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I spoke today at the first annual Congressional Conference on Civic Education, which was attended by delegations from all fifty states, including state legislators, educators, and executive branch officials. I had served on the advisory committee for the conference, … Continue reading

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the many Bachs

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0For some reason, I was thinking about all the dramatically different ways in which people have seen and admired J.S. Bach since his own day. There is Bach as a virtuouso improviser, the man who could sit down at … Continue reading

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the Net and participation

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Right now, Hurricane Isabel is howling around us and most work has ceased. The University has taken its server down, blessedly cutting off my email. Yesterday afternoon, when the skies were still clear, I met with Marty Kearns of … Continue reading

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mapping with kids

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0We’ve made it past the first stage of a grant competition to provide funds for our local mapping work with high school kids. That’s great news, except that now I have to write a full proposal on short notice. … Continue reading

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