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community-based discussion

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I spent almost all of today at a good Democracy Collaborative conference on "engaged," or "collaborative," or "community-based" research (i.e., research in which academics and members of a community work together, at least to frame a common research agenda … Continue reading

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civic work

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I participated in an interesting conference call with members of the . Although I’m a bit embarrassed because I haven’t done any work on it, I’m listed as the co-editor of a proposed book that would describe recent experiments … Continue reading

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the high school rat race

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0A day spent frantically working on grant proposals for CIRCLE and the Prince George’s Information Commons—three proposals in all. I did have an interesting phone conversation about the degree to which high school students volunteer in order to improve … Continue reading

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grant-writing for local work

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In between dealing with various financial issues involving CIRCLE, I wrote most of a proposal to the NSF to support high school classes for the next two years—including money for curriculum development, assessment, and research. The specific activity that … Continue reading

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renaissance portraits

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I stayed downtown today. Some of us from CIRCLE had an interesting lunch in Union Station, discussing research ideas with some potential applicants. I was also on my cell phone a fair amount, mostly talking to fellow NACE members … Continue reading

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medical information online

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0In between phone calls on practical issues, I worked on my paper concerning the reliability of medical information on the Web. As a little experiment, I tried searching for "mononucleosis" on Google. (MEDLINEplus, the ambitious federal portal, notes that … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I had a string of meetings today, the first day back after almost a week off for snow. Since travel was still disrupted in many parts of the city, I agreed to meet one out-of-town colleague at her previous … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0Total0The fifth day of deep snow. The initial festive atmosphere has turned distinctly grouchy. I tried to get to work, but there were many hundreds of people on the Metro platform and the trains—which passed through about four times … Continue reading

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cabin fever

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Another day of snowdrifts and no public transportation. Cabin fever is beginning to affect us all, although we had some fun sledding. I could have composed something for this page, but instead I devoted the part of my brain … Continue reading

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David Broder

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Today, President’s Day, was supposed to be the White House Forum on American History, Civics, and Service. We were excited, because we had just launched our report on The Civic Mission of Schools; John Bridgeland had formally praised it … Continue reading

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