What Should We Do? A Theory of Civic Life

It is real: I have received my author’s copies, and the print and electronic versions are available for purchase. Citation: Levine, Peter. What Should We Do?: A Theory of Civic Life. Oxford University Press, 2022

This is a companion website that is meant for practitioners and students: https://sites.tufts.edu/civicstudies/. It can be used without reading the book; it employs the same structure to present a collection of practical tools, examples, and short explanations of theory. The book offers much more argumentation and detail.

From the back cover:

“Peter Levine is among the leading philosophers of civic life of his generation. What Should We Do? is his magnum opus. It ranges widely from a masterly review of political philosophy to practical suggestions for addressing issues like the Black Lives Matter movement. For anyone concerned about the state of our democracy and what our role should be, this book is must reading.” — Robert D. Putnam, Research Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, and coauthor of The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again

What Should We Do? offers a compelling, thought-provoking, and urgently-needed framework for anyone trying to understand how we can relate to and act with each other to co-create a more just world. I love this book and you will too.” — Hahrie Han, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Agora Institute Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

“Peter Levine makes everyone think more clearly about everything. How fortunate for our country that he’s applied this gift to the realm of civic life. In this insightful and wise book, Levine reveals what it truly means to cooperate, deliberate, and activate—and challenges us to do all three more mindfully.” — Eric Liu, CEO of Citizen University, and author Become America

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