Civic Studies Major’s courses for fall 2020

This is an unofficial list of the courses that will count for Civic Studies at Tufts next fall. It is likely to change a bit at the margins but gives an insight into our curriculum.

Cluster: Civic Action and Social Movements
Children, Nature and the Development of Earth StewardsCVS 0032CHSD 0034-01George Scarlett
U.S. Elections: Rules, Strategies, and OutcomesCVS 0034PS 0112Eitan Hersh
Social PsychologyCVS 0035PSY 0013Som Sommers or Keith Maddox
Information, Technology, and Political PowerCVS 0036PS 0115Eitan Hersh
Families, Schools, and Child Development CVS 0132CSHD 165Christine McWayne
Topics in Economic Development CVS 0133ECON 0136-01Margaret McMillan
Organizing for Social Change CVS 0150-02PS 0118-02Daniel LeBlanc & Kenneth Galdston
Environmental Justice, Security, and Sustainability CVS 0174UEP 278Penn Loh
Cluster: Civic Skills
Education for Peace and Justice CVS 0041ED 0164Deborah Donahue-Keegan
Spanish in the CommunityCVS 0042SPN 0146Nancy Levy-Konesky
Science and Civic Action CVS 0050-03PJS 50Jonathan Garlick
Tisch Scholars Foundation A CVS 0083AGrace Talusan, Sara J. Allred
Tisch Scholars Fieldwork PracticumCVS 0084Sara J. Allred
Community Practice Theory and MethodsCVS 0141UEP 287Penn Loh
Introduction to Environmental FieldworkCVS 0145ENV 120John de la Parra, others
Mass Incarceration and the Literature of ConfinementCVS 0146AMER 0145Hilary Binda
Children and Mass Media CVS 0147CSHD 167Julie Dobrow
Environmental Data Analysis and VisualizationCVS 0149ENV 170Kyle Monahan
Philosophy for ChildrenCVS 0150-07PHIL 0091-02Susan Russinoff
Leadership in Civic ContextCVS 0170CSHD 143-02Diane Ryan
Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict ResolutionCVS 0183UEP 0130Robert Burdick
Seminar In American Politics: Polling the 2020 ElectionCVS 0184PS 0119Brian Schaffner
Teaching DemocracyCVS 0251-01UEP 294-01Teaching Democracy
Communications and Media for Policy and PlanningCVS 0251-02UEP 294-02Penn Loh
Cluster: Social Conflict, Inequality, and Violence
War and Terrorism CVS 0015-01PHIL 0045-01Lionel McPherson
Sociology of ViolenceCVS 0022SOC 0075Brett Nava-Coulter
Intimate ViolenceCVS 0060SOC 0180Anjuli Fahlberg
Law, Religion and International Relations CVS 0124REL 08Joseph Walser
Democracy and Its Alternatives CVS 0134PS 138David Art
Cluster: Thinking about Justice
Critical Race TheoryCVS 0011ED 0167-01Shameka Powell
Western Political Thought CVS 0018PS 0041Ioannis Evrigenis
Political PhilosophyCVS 0150-03PHIL 191-03Erin Kelly
The Gap Between Law & JusticeCVS 0150-04UEP 0194Sonia Spears
Philosophy of LawCVS 0150-09PHIL 123-01Erin Kelly
InternshipCVS 0099Sherri Sklarwitz
Introduction to Civic StudiesCVS 0020PHIL 0020Peter Levine, Brian Schaffner
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