North Eastern Public Humanities Conference, April 26-7

Register here. Some events have limited space. Friday, April 26: UMass Boston Campus Center, Alumni Lounge (all day)

Friday, April 26: UMass Boston Campus Center, Alumni Lounge (all day)

9:00-9:30 Welcome, Coffee, Introductions

9:30-12:00 Pre-texts Workshop: Doris Sommer (Harvard)

Friday Afternoon: Discussion of NEH Grant/Boston Harbor Islands Boat Tour

12:00-1:30 Lunch: NEH Connections Grant: UMass Boston collaboration with Boston Harbor Islands National Park: UMass Boston team

1:30-4:00 Harbor Boat Tour, Thompson Island Visit

Friday Evening: Website Launch/Graduate Student Lightening Rounds/Dinner

4:15-5:45 Graduate Student Lightening Rounds

  • Yale: Sylvia Ryerson and Candace Borders
  • More Graduate Students TBA

6:00-6:30 Round-Up of NEPH Ways Forward/Burning Issues/In-Progress Work (discussion continued over dinner):

  • Geographic locale, collaborative network
  • Context/site-specific “models” approach
  • Methodologies/practice/skills

Approx. 6:30 Dinner

Saturday, April 27: UMass Boston Campus Center, Alumni Lounge (morning) Chinatown Pao Art Center/Tufts (afternoon)

Saturday Morning: NEPH Concurrent Sessions

9:00-9:10 Coffee, Introductions

9:10-10:00 Film, Social Justice, and Public Humanities

Dario Guerrero, ROCIO (Documentary Film): DACA Harvard student filmmaker, goes home to Mexico to care for mother, not allowed to return to US (sponsored by UNAM at UMassBoston)

10:00-11:00 Concurrent #1 OR #2: New Practices

Concurrent #1: Exhibitions and Museum Practice

  • Colin Fanning (Bard Graduate Center)

Concurrent #2: Digital Public Humanities

  • James McGrath (Brown)

11:00-12:00 Concurrent #3 OR #4: New Initiatives/Institutionalizations

Concurrent #3: Journal of the Public Humanities, Case Method for the Humanities

  • Jeffrey Wilson (Harvard): Journal of the Public Humanities
  • Doris Sommer (Harvard): Cases for Culture:

Concurrent #4: Grants: Institutionalizing New Models of the Public Humanities (Mellon Foundation Grants)

  • Cheryl Nixon, Betsy Klimasmith (UMass Boston): Humanities Hub
  • Stacy Hartman (CUNY): PublicsLab

12:00-1:30 Lunch

Presentation of new NEPH website: Micah Barrett (Yale)

Saturday Afternoon: Panel/Discussion of Chinatown Partnerships
1:30 Leave UMass Boston to travel to Chinatown via “T”: Pao Arts Center, One Greenway, Boston
2:30-4:30 Tisch College at Tufts and Boston’s Chinese Community: Two Conversations about Projects and Partnerships
2:30-2:40: Opening Remarks

2:40-3:30: The Impact of a Community Arts Center on Gentrification: an NEA-funded Project between the Pao Center and Tisch College

  • Peter Levine and Cynthia Woo3:30-4:30: Archives and Activism: Tisch’s Work with the Chinese Historical Society of New England
  • Susan Chinsen, Stephanie Fan, Diane O’Donoghue

4:30 Reception at Pao Art Center

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