celebrating ten years of daily blogging

On Jan. 8, 2003, I posted a first blog, having decided to try posting every work day. Ten years and 2,403 posts later (one per work day, without any exceptions that I can recall), I’m still at it, propelled by a weird obsession, a chronic case of¬†cacoethes scribendi, and feedback from friends and strangers alike. I’m so obsessive about posting every day that you often could find me, ca. 2004, attaching my laptop to a payphone jack in an airport lobby so that I could upload before the day ended. (Smartphones and pervasive wifi have made connections easier.) Feedback now comes in all forms–comments on the blog itself or on my Facebook page, citations in journal articles, long, critical emails, and random remarks at social gatherings. I appreciate it all. I don’t seem to be running out of steam, nor has the genre died, so I imagine I’ll still be at it at least a few years hence.

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