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the campus newspaper and civil society

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0“There is a necessary connection between public associations and newspapers: newspapers make associations, and associations make newspapers”–Alexis de Tocqueville. This week, some colleagues and I have been conducting focus groups with politically and socially active Maryland undergraduates, … Continue reading

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academia as a liberal bastion

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0A lot of people are talking about the dominance of liberals in academia. (See, for instance, Timothy Burke). Some of this discussion was prompted by campaign finance data suggesting that professors at prestigious universities had preferred Kerry … Continue reading

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public attitudes toward civics

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools has launched a spiffy website loaded with information. (The Campaign must really exist if we have a website.) On the homepage are the results of a new survey that … Continue reading

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who you are

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0I’ve been in meetings for eight straight days–including the weekend, which was swallowed by the huge Congressional Conference on Civic Education. During this period, eight or ten people have told me that they read my blog. I’m … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0Today is the end of CIRCLE’s annual Advisory Board meeting. Our Board, a very distinguished group (the best of whom read this blog!) meets around a long hollow table in a beautiful Greek-revival hotel in Washington. The … Continue reading

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why does the quality of journalism matter?

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0I have an article in the Fall 2004 National Civic Review entitled “Journalism and Democracy: Does it Matter How Well the Press Covers Iraq?” It’s not online yet, but I’ve posted a .pdf of the final draft … Continue reading

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youth research as civic education

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0Today, I?ll be working with two groups of young people who are involved in community research: my undergraduate ?Leaders for Tomorrow? (who are still in the planning stages of their project), and high school students who are … Continue reading

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