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about blogs

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0"Blog" is short for "Weblog"—and a Weblog is a very frequently updated Webpage, often a kind of public diary. One person can be solely responsible for a blog, or several people can collaborate to produce it, or … Continue reading

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war after 9/11

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0I have been a member of The Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy for just over ten years. Although I am now involved with several other institutions, this is the one I care most about. We had … Continue reading

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in DC

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0My commute to the University of Maryland takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes each way (I live in Washington and take the Metro to work). Therefore, I like to cluster my downtown meetings on the … Continue reading

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oral history of desegregation

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0I spent most of the morning advising a potential applicant for the Rhodes Scholarship—something that I do on the side because I feel that Maryland students need coaching. (We haven’t won since the mid-1970s.) In the afternoon, … Continue reading

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relationship mapping

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0In the midst of a hectic and bleary day, I participated in a conference call for members of the steering committee. I proposed an idea that seemed to get a lot of support. Sociologists sometimes survey individuals … Continue reading

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earned and unearned income

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0The President’s surprise proposal to abolish dividend taxes is big news. There are many ways to evaluate the idea, including consideration of the effects on short- and long-term economic growth, equity, and the federal budget. The Administration … Continue reading

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Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0A long day that ended at 3:00 am when I finally submitted The Civic Mission of Schools to the designers—10 hours late. I spent most of the middle of the day participating in spirited email discussions about … Continue reading

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the Civic Mission of Schools

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0This was a fairly short work day, because I was helping at home in the morning and then took a 2-hour lunch to discuss with colleagues the final grades for last semester’s graduate course. (Three of us … Continue reading

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a first blog

Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+0Total: 0Three scenes from my day: 9:10 am: In the Longworth House Office Building, sitting with two congressional staffers, my colleague Carrie, and one staffer’s seeing-eye dog—sharing information about youth voting. Congress has just established a program to … Continue reading

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