civic institutes this summer

People interested in various aspects of civic education and civic renewal have a whole range of summer institutes to consider in 2012.

  • At Tufts, we offer a Summer Institute of Civic Studies (a seminar with a strong focus on theory) followed by a larger public conference. The Institute¬† will take place from July 9-19, 2012. The conference will run from July 19 at 6 pm – July 21 at 3 pm. The Institute is selective, and applications are due (for best consideration) this Friday.
  • John Gaventa now leads the Coady Institute in Nova Scotia, an international leader in education for social change. Coady offers a three-credit summer course from May 7 until 25, 2012. Click here for more information on this certificate program, fees and how to apply.
  • An Institute entitled “What Civil? What Society” is being offered by the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL) at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. It is a Workshop followed by a PhD summer school. Participants will “examine the concept of ‘civil society’ not just in contemporary Europe and North America but historically and in contexts across the world as well as across academic disciplines. We will seek not to define ‘civil society’ but to identify the consequences – political, legal, social, moral, epistemological – of particular ways in which ‘civil’ and ‘society’ have been defined in different times and places.”
  • The National School Climate Center is pleased to announce its 15th annual Summer Institute from July 10-13th in New York City.
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