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character understood in network terms

In a random network, like (a) below, each node has an equal chance of being linked to any other, and the number of links per node will show a normal distribution. However, in most real networks (see “b”), a few … Continue reading

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the new civic education article in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

(Washington, DC) I am proud to announce that a new article on “Civic Education” is online on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which is a peer-reviewed, free resource that I use regularly for a wide range of topics. Jack Crittenden … Continue reading

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Q&A on the IRS tax exemption controversy

Q. What is the main scandal? Tax-exempt 501(c)4s, organized to promote “social welfare,” spent $254,279,733 to influence the 2012 election, despite an IRS regulation that “The promotion of social welfare does not include direct or indirect participation or intervention in … Continue reading

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the place of social impact in a university

Tufts University has undertaken a strategic planning process, and one important development is a proposed revision of the traditional triad of teaching, research, and service. In the new scheme, “service” would be replaced with “Impact on Society.” I served on … Continue reading

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Stanley Cavell: morality as one way of living well

I have been dipping into the works of Stanley Cavell for 20 years, but my recent reading of Tony Laden’s Reasoning: A Social Picture and my re-reading of Cavell’s The Claim of Reason have given me, I think, an inkling … Continue reading

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school discipline in a democracy

I recommend an important paper by Aaron Kupchik and Thomas J. Catlaw entitled “Discipline and Participation: The Long-Term Effects of Suspension and School Security on the Political and Civic Engagement of Youth.” This is the context that concerns the authors: … Continue reading

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a philosophy of civic renewal

In lieu of a blog post by me, here is a profile of me by my colleague Luke Phelan. It is also a brief summary of the more philosophical and theoretical aspects of my forthcoming book–and an excuse to share … Continue reading

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Robinson Jeffers, Hurt Hawks

Robinson Jeffers’ son kept a wounded hawk as a pet for a few weeks in the 1920s. Jeffers wrote part 1 of this poem as a complete work before he killed the bird, adding part 2 later. It is famous … Continue reading

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let’s hear from the Tea Party 501(c)4s

Newt Gingrich tells NPR, “a [House] subcommittee … should invite every single tea party, conservative, patriot group that was messed over by the IRS — every single one of them — to come in and testify, so that they build … Continue reading

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lowering the voting age to 16

Takoma Park, MD has lowered the voting age for municipal elections to 16. Lowell, MA, is working to allow 17-year-olds to vote, and there’s a pending bill in California that would make that change statewide. I am in favor. Strong … Continue reading

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