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how to deal with your own partisan fringe in the Internet era

Just since Monday, a Minnesota state representative has called homosexuality “an unhealthy, sexual addiction”; a Texas Representative has compared the “immorality of wild, lavish spending” to the “two most horrendous things this country has done,” which are “slavery and abortion”; … Continue reading

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youth opinions of immigration policy

(from an airplane) Last week, CIRCLE released our analysis of young people’s views of the immigration debate. The headline was not surprising. Only 8% of young adults chose immigration as their top issue in 2012, but those young people were … Continue reading

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keeping a democracy from overreacting to terrorism

(Chicago) In her book What Terrorists Want: Understanding the Enemy, Containing the Threat, Louise Richardson warns against generalizing but still ventures a cautious generalization about terrorists. What they want, she writes, are “the three r’s” of revenge, renown, and reaction. … Continue reading

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how the new media ecosystem favors government

(Chicago) Media outlets have proliferated. Once, only press barons could publish news and opinions, but today, anyone can blog or post a video. A high proportion of the new content is critical and editorially independent–in the sense that no one … Continue reading

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in California

(Santa Monica) As part of a 17-day road trip, I’m spending this week in California. I’m here because of meetings and talks, but my family has come along and we’ve scheduled some vacation time. As I usually do in such … Continue reading

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the hollowing-out of youth

(Santa Monica, CA) Raised to study to the test, to volunteer with one eye on college applications and to play the sport with the most scholarship opportunities, Millennials carry that competitive mind-set into the workforce, said Peter Levine, director of … Continue reading

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letter to a young political reformer

O’Hare Airport, Feb. 14 Dear –, I am excited that you are helping to organize a political reform movement that you frame in generational terms. That is always a valuable contribution—and never more so than today. Thank you for asking … Continue reading

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a defense of higher education and its civic mission

(speech given to 17 college presidents and other representatives of higher education, Elon, NC, Feb. 13, 2013) The liberal arts and the civic mission of higher education are under attack in this time of economic crisis and political polarization. For … Continue reading

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David Cole on the drone strikes

(Elon, NC) In his Feb. 8 Washington Post op-ed, David Cole makes the argument that finally meets my intuitions about the drone strikes. Cole, a strong civil libertarian, argues that it is not illegal or intrinsically wrong to order the … Continue reading

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in North Carolina to promote civic renewal

(Elon, North Carolina) I am here for meetings at Elon University (with its outstanding Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement and its Council for Civic Engagement) and then to give eight different talks or workshops as North Carolina … Continue reading

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