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community organizing and public deliberation

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Matt Leighninger, director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, has written a wise and inspiring paper called Creating Spaces for Change for the Kellogg Foundation. It is the product of several meetings in which community organizers interacted with people who … Continue reading

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honoring Dorothy Height

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0(Washington, DC) Today, at the National Press Club, CIRCLE is leading a significant conference on federal policy and civic skills. Some 70 federal officials, academics, and nonprofit leaders will participate, including 25 who have speaking roles as part of … Continue reading

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Civic Studies, Civic Practices Conference

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Please join Tisch College and CIRCLE for this two-day gathering of educators and activists to explore the theory and practice of citizenship. Through interactive sessions, we will focus on “citizenship” as creativity, agency, and collaboration–not as a form of … Continue reading

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an extra’s perspective

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Last Thursday night, I boarded a flight from LA to Baltimore. I was coming from Seattle, where I had been meeting with veteran civil rights activists and community organizers, mostly young African American and Latino leaders from big cities. … Continue reading

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using technology to cut the costs of college

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Anya Kamenetz has a good article in The American Prospect about the need for colleges and universities to cut costs. The problem isn’t just predatory lenders or cheap state legislatures; the real costs of college are rising far too … Continue reading

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a long journey

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Tonight, I fly to Seattle, Washington, for a meeting at the Gates Foundation. It will be a politically progressive gathering; entitled “The Color of Change,” it is devoted to community organizing by young people from ethnic minorities. After somewhat … Continue reading

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Syracuse is taking over

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0I am a native of Syracuse, NY, born and raised. I think my accent is “downstate” thanks to my parents. Our family was part of the Great Brooklyn Diaspora. But I grew up extremely familiar with what I considered … Continue reading

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reason and power in Julius Caesar

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Julius Caesar is a play about power. The ultimate source of power is popular will–and not only in an official republic like Rome. Even a monstrous dictator like Stalin cannot physically kill millions of his own people; he must … Continue reading

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a critical review from the left

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0Alan Singer has written a strong and (in its own way) valid critical review of my recent book with Jim Youniss, Engaging Young People in Civic Life. Singer begins: Former Congressional Representative Lee Hamilton, director of the Center on … Continue reading

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what was Rawls doing?

Facebook0 Twitter0Total0John Rawls was the most influential recent academic political philosopher in the English-speaking world, or at least the most influential academic who defended liberal views. If you take him at face value, he is a very abstract kind of … Continue reading

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