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Film Your Issue

The What’s Your Issue Foundation has launched its 2010 Film Your Issue Competition with a YouTube channel, blog posts, and Twitter feed. People between the ages of 14 and 24 are invited to submit 3-minute videos with their ideas for … Continue reading

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our work with games

I begin with the philosophical premise that we should treat young people as actual citizens, capable of doing actual public work and politics. I don’t begin with great enthusiasm for simulations or play-citizenship. On the other hand, there is evidence … Continue reading

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the path not taken (so far): civic engagement for reform

Yesterday, the Huffington Post published a short piece of mine about the Obama Administration’s failure–so far–to engage the public in our great national challenges. A more complete version of the same argument follows. As a candidate, Barack Obama made the … Continue reading

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St. Teresa

We are going to Spain in February, for a short vacation. As we prepare, I am focusing on St. Teresa of Ávila, in part because of the opening lines of Middlemarch (which is my favorite book): Who that cares much … Continue reading

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how to respond to the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United is reckless, inconsistent with its authors’ own principles, and likely to damage our already deeply flawed politics. Many others have noted that the Chinese Government may now legally deploy billions of dollars to … Continue reading

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student conference on deliberation

One of the highlights of last summer was a fascinating conference called No Better Time, which convened scholars, activists, leaders, and students who are committed to deliberation. Hundreds of people met at the University of New Hampshire for a rich … Continue reading

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on Krugman’s giving up

I’ve posted more narrowly about politics than I like to lately, but I can’t resist responding to Paul Krugman’s piece entitled “He Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For.” Krugman writes, “Maybe House Democrats can pull this out, even with … Continue reading

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Youth turnout was 15% in the Massachusetts Senate election

CIRCLE’s press release just went out: Massachusetts Senate Election: Youth Turnout Was Just 15%, Compared to 57% for Older Citizens; Young Voters Favored Coakley Tisch College, Medford/Somerville, Mass – In the special election for Massachusetts Senator, young voters (age 18-29) … Continue reading

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what’s happening to the Democrats?

Q. Why are the Democrats losing popularity in national surveys? A. The answer to that one seems pretty straightforward. There is an eerily close correlation between unemployment and presidential approval during recessions. John Judis provides the graphs for Reagan and … Continue reading

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could a college education prevent Wall Street greed?

At the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, we are in the business of civic education (and therefore character education) for college students. At CIRCLE, we study the same topic. Given my role, people frequently ask me how colleges … Continue reading

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