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testing, testing

(Cambridge, MA) I have spent the last two days reviewing, editing, and occasionally creating test items for the National Assessment in Education Progress (NAEP) in Civics, which will be given to a large and representative sample of American students next … Continue reading

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inequality in youth participation

About one in four college students and young college graduates have been voting in the 2008 primary season. But only about half of young Americans attend college. For those with no college experience, the voter turnout rate has been about … Continue reading

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levers of democracy

(On an airplane over Ohio) Let’s assume that you want to increase the quantity, equality, impact, and quality of political participation. Which institutions would give you the most leverage? Put another way, by reforming or enlisting which of the following … Continue reading

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Dewey’s lost chance

(Dayton, OH) On my way to a meeting with two of its authors (and others), I read Dewey’s Dream: Universities and Democracies in an Age of Education Reform (Temple, 2007), by Lee Benson, Ira Harkavy, and John Puckett. It’s a … Continue reading

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the word “populism”

A European reporter asked me today why there is so much alarm about “populist” politicians in Europe–such as Jean Marie Le Pen in France and the late Pim Fortuyn in Netherlands–whereas American politicians with similar views seem to be considered … Continue reading

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we’re moving to Tufts!

During the summer of 2008, CIRCLE will move to Tufts University, becoming part of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service. My family and I will be moving to the Boston area as well. CIRCLE will leave … Continue reading

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chamber music

Last Saturday in Syracuse, my Mom and I heard the Rossetti String Quartet play works by Mozart, Dvorak, and Debussey. Such events always provoke nostalgia for me, because chamber music used to play a very important role in my life. … Continue reading

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an opening for the news media

David Carr, a financial reporter for the New York Times, argues that the rising youth turnout rate offers the news media an opportunity to expand their audience among young people. He quotes me, saying, “I think that there is a … Continue reading

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one “gotcha” interview that didn’t work

(Syracuse, NY) It’s fun for reporters to pick out young people on the street and ask them hard, policy-wonk questions to show that they don’t know anything. This, however, was the wrong young man to condescend to: Bookmark on Delicious … Continue reading

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expertise in education

(Syracuse, NY) This evening, I will participate in a panel at Syracuse University on the topic: “Who Knows Best How to Educate You for Citizenship?” My co-panelists will be Samuel Gorovitz, professor of philosophy, and George Saunders, essayist and MacArthur … Continue reading

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