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from TIME’s story on the “year of the youth vote”

(Tampa) These are helpful statistics. They put into numbers what we can feel experientially: an enormous increase in the proportion of young Americans who are paying attention to the election this year. (Also, a very steep tilt toward the Democratic … Continue reading

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to Tampa

If this page is going to remain a blog, I need to return sooner or later to daily posting. Right now, I’m heading to Tampa, Florida, where the Hillsborough County Schools are launching a major initiative to teach students about … Continue reading

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Joseph M. Levine

(Syracuse, NY) My Dad, Joe Levine, died at 6:50 am today after a long struggle with cancer that gave him many trials and indignities. I have some misgivings about using a blog to write about his death. Even the word … Continue reading

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(Syracuse) I haven’t wanted to post here because I have been helping to care for my Dad at the very end of his good life. I have an appreciation of him written and ready to post when his struggle finally … Continue reading

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on shared responsibility for private loss

(Syracuse, NY) Yesterday, I wrote a fairly frivolous post in response to Steven Landburg’s New York Times op-ed, because I found one of his analogies risible. But I suppose it’s worth summarizing the standard serious, philosophical argument against his position … Continue reading

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the dismal science

Steven E. Lansburg in yesterday’s New York Times: Even if you’ve just lost your job, there’s something fundamentally churlish about blaming the very phenomenon that’s elevated you above the subsistence level since the day you were born. If the world … Continue reading

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the presidential candidates on community and national service

Courtesy of the National Service-Learning Partnership, here is a chart showing the presidential candidates’ positions on AmeriCorps, community service and service-learning in schools, student loans in return for community service, and related issues. Some highlights: Chris Dodd would have required … Continue reading

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the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

I have some reflections on the recent spat between Senators Clinton and Obama, but first, here is the actual “text” of their dispute as accurately as I can capture it. At the Democratic Debate in New Hampshire, Senator Clinton said: … Continue reading

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citizens at work

(Syracuse Airport) Public Agenda’s president, Ruth Wooden, writes, “Neither Third-Party Candidate nor Leadership Alone Can Solve the Problem.” The “problem” that she has in mind is destructive partisanship, but one could define it more generally as dysfunctional politics. Fortunately, some … Continue reading

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the joy of flying

(Gate 44, Washington National Airport): In December and January, I’ve taken 20 separate flight segments for family reasons and/or business. Two flights have been canceled outright and at least another eight have been seriously delayed. I guess nothing could be … Continue reading

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