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people trust authoritarian governments most

(Philadelphia) This Edelman international poll shows that trust in government is low in most countries and declining almost everywhere. But five important countries stand out as exceptions. People trust the world’s largest single-party state, an absolute monarchy, a country in … Continue reading

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a college class on equality

This is an outline of a class discussion that seemed to work pretty well this morning. The reading is T.M. Scanlon’s “When Does Equality Matter?” Scanlon offers five reasons that a given difference among people may be unjust, and I … Continue reading

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Menemsha, Nov. 2017

The green belly of a wave stretches, tautens Under its own mass–filaments or nerves Of paler green stretching to their limits As the body, relentless, falls forward. But the wave is a hybrid creature, its Sober underside carrying a head … Continue reading

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principles for researcher-practitioner collaboration

(Brief remarks at an Ash Center/Kennedy School of Government meeting on redistricting reform) I know less than anyone in this room about districting, but I do have experience with several networks of researchers and practitioners who have worked together on … Continue reading

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a real surge in youth voting

According to CIRCLE, youth turnout has doubled in Virginia over the past three gubernatorial races, from 17% of eligible young people in 2009 to 34% yesterday. Virginians under the age of 30 also tilted dramatically to the Democratic side. Just … Continue reading

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the public supports women’s rights in US foreign policy

We released a new survey today that finds strong support for gender equity as a foreign policy goal. For instance, 85% rated the rights of women and girls as a very high priority. 74% agreed that the U.S. government should … Continue reading

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Tisch Program in Public Humanities

Tisch College has a Program in Public Humanities. As of today, the Program has its own webpage, which I invite you to visit. The webpage introduces the Program’s director,  Diane O’Donoghue. An art historian, Diane first came to Tisch College as a … Continue reading

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Ethan Zuckerman on the #ObamaSummit

I’ve been blogging almost daily since January 2003, and I would normally write reflections on something as interesting as the Obama Summit that took place this week as the kickoff event of the new Obama Foundation. However, my motivation to … Continue reading

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The truth in Hayek

(Washington, DC) You are reading English; I am writing it. English has elaborate rules and conventions. You can break the rules, but that has consequences beyond your control. Mess up your grammar in a job interview and you may not … Continue reading

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the online world looks dark

(Chicago) I’m at the #ObamaSummit, much of which can be followed online. In the opening plenary, several speakers (including President Obama) noted the drawbacks of social media: psychological isolation, manipulation by powerful companies and governments, fake news, balkanization, and deep … Continue reading

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